​​* Mixed Ages
1 hrs/ 1x week
$18/ per class
​or $135 per entire session

This 55 minute introductory tumbling class exposes students

to the  foundations of tumbling skills.  Students progress at their

own pace and work on skills on the Floor and TumblTrak.  Major skills required for promotion to the next level include

(but are not limited to) :

Cartwheel (Straight Legs/Arms) with Controlled Finish
Forward & Backward Rolls
Handstand Snap-Down
Round-Off--with good rebound
Handstand Forward Roll
Bridge Kickover
Introduction to Standing Back Handspring (over barrels and drills)

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Advanced Tumbling

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​​* Mixed Ages
1:25 hrs/ 1x week
$23/ per class
​or $170 per entire session

This 55 minute class is geared towards introducing students to the skills necessary for high level tumbling.  Major skills focused on in this class include (but are not limited to):    

Standing Back Handspring (on Floor & TumblTrak)
Round-off Back Handspring
Round-off 2 Back Handsprings

​Round-Off Back Handspring Back Tuck
Standing Back Tuck
Round-Off Back Handspring Layout
Front Tuck

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