Please email our Director at  info@c3gymnastics.com.

 Include a description of your child's current skill level/team level, current # of hours training, experience and age.

C3 Gymnastics will contact you within one week to schedule your evaluation.




For more information on our Team Programs, hover over the "Team Program" tab located on the left side of the page.  Then click on which Team Program page you would like to see.

C3 Gymnastics strives to offer Team programs that support every child's ambitions and goals.

We offer both Competitive and Non-Competitive Teams. 

Team placement is by evaluation and invitation only. 

The girls placed in our Team Program will develop skills on uneven bars, floor exercise, vault, and balance beam.

Their workouts focus on flexibility, strength training, and dance in order to perform complex and highly advanced routines.

In addition to all of the physical training, our C3 Team girls also work very hard at serving their community

in addition to one another.  

All Teams come together to work on various missions projects throughout the year.  

Our goal is to develop well rounded, motivated, selfless young ladies who embrace who they are both inside and out. 

The Following is a list of our current Team Programs:

Non-Competitive Teams:

-  Rec Team C3 Blue Angels

-Rec Team C3 Lime Elites

​Competitive Teams:

- USAG Junior Olympic Program

- USAG Xcel Program